Erin Burnett: How stupid does Trump think we are?

CNN anchor Erin Burnett blasted President Donald Trump for claiming he misspoke at a press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Damage control, the president claims he misspoke once in his disastrous summit with Putin,” Burnett said on “Out Front” Tuesday. “Did the dog eat his homework too?”

Trump was the target of heated backlash after saying Monday that he did not “see any reason why” Russia would meddle in the 2016 U.S. election, appearing to question his own intelligence agencies and denouncing the special counsel investigation into Russian interference.

He attempted to walk back his comments Tuesday and explained that he misspoke.

“How stupid does Trump think we Americans are?,” Burnett asked in her monologue. “The president’s excuse for his embarrassing press conference where he sided with Vladimir Putin over his own intelligence chiefs does not add up.”

“President Trump read from a prepared statement, offering up frankly what seems to be a dog ate my homework excuse on how things went terribly wrong in Helsinki,” she added.

Burnett then rolled out her reasons for not believing Trump’s explanation that it was an error in wording that caused the controversy.

“The president’s explanation does not add up,” Burnett added. “And neither does his assertion today that he accepts America’s intelligence agencies conclusion that Russia attacked the American 2016 election.”

Trump and his aides did not “correct the record,” Burnett argued even though Republican lawmakers demanded clarification.

“It does not clarify anything,” she said. “It doesn’t even pass the smell test.”

See Burnett’s monologue in the CNN video below:

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