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Woman defies leftists who attacked her for thanking Eric Trump for St. Jude’s donations; she won’t be shamed

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The woman at the center of hateful attacks after thanking Eric Trump for his support of St. Jude’s Hospital was able to speak directly to the president’s son.

Sherrie Hopper was catapulted into the spotlight after a message of gratitude to Trump for his support of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee where her nephew was treated sparked angry reactions from Trump’s critics.

Hopper slammed the “unreal” hate she and her family received in a video posted for the “#WalkAway Campaign” last week, capturing Trump’s attention.

Trump, who has reportedly raised more than $16 million for St. Jude over the past decade, was appalled by the backlash against Hopper, whose nephew Zachary had a cancerous “small basketball-sized” tumor removed from one of his kidneys in 2012.

“Saint Jude is a national treasure. It’s the best pediatric cancer hospital in the world, hands down bar none,” Trump said on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday,

“You don’t choose kids based on their parents’ political beliefs,” co-host Ainsley Earhardt interjected.

“You would think it would be the one item that would be sacred,” the president’s son replied. “I started with this cause when I was 21 years old, long before I could have ever dreamed about having kids.”

Hopper was then connected via satellite to speak to Trump directly, asserting she had no regrets thanking him.

“First of all, I just want to say thank you. And I don’t think that we should ever be ashamed to say thank you. Mr. Trump, I can’t even express to you how thankful I am,” Hopper said. “I can’t even imagine what you go through on a daily basis after seeing what happened to me just for saying thank you. I don’t regret saying thank you. If I could be there to give you a big hug right now, I would.”

Hopper shared that she was body-shamed, called a “Russian bot” and was also accused of “using” St. Jude to “rub elbows” with the Trump family, But the worst thing, she noted, was that the hateful tweets toward Trump were also going back to St. Jude.

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“Saint Jude is one of those organizations that transcends everything. It transcends politics, race, nationalities, everything because everybody is welcome at Saint Jude,” she said.

Trump responded by telling Hopper she was “incredible” and he would give her “a big hug” the next time he is in Memphis.

“We will keep raising money and we’ll win the fight against pediatric cancer and take on the next victim. We will win this fight,” Trump pledged, telling Hopper, “you are an amazing person. We are forever indebted.”

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