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‘Don’t embarrass yourself’: Dan Bongino goes off on Dem pundit over Cohen flipping on Trump

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Dan Bongino clashed with a Democratic pundit in a heated debate over Michael Cohen’s loyalty to President Trump.

The NRA TV host and former Secret Service agent slammed critics of the president who have been excitedly anticipating that his former personal attorney would “flip” after revealing in an ABC interview that he will put “family and country first” over Trump.

“We don’t know what’s going on in Michael Cohen’s head. Is he trying to cozy up to the media to get the media on his side for a public pressure campaign?” Bongino said on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” on Monday.

“This is clearly now an investigation into a person, not a crime. The investigation is into Donald Trump. They will do anything to get him. This has nothing to do with collusion, we know it because it was referred to the southern district from the special counsel. So they’re looking for Trump. They’re not looking for a crime,” Bongino added.

“There is nobody in America that knows Donald Trump better than Michael Cohen, at least as far as a lawyer goes,” Chris Hahn, former aide to Sen. Chuck Schumer, weighed in, referring to Cohen as “the president’s fixer.”

“I hear that argument a lot – this is about Trump. Well, if Trump did nothing wrong, then why is everyone so worried about it? Michael Cohen was the fixer. What was he fixing?” Hahn added, prompting host Laura Ingraham to criticize the use of the term “fixer.”

“I’m so tired of hearing fixer. Fixer, fixer, fixer,” she said. “That is more spin, more lingo.”

Bongino blasted Hahn as well, setting off a battle of words between the men.

“Chris, I thought better of you. I mean this. Is this seriously gonna be the new liberal take?” Bongino asked Hahn. “Please, just don’t embarrass yourself in the media by continuing to say if you didn’t do something wrong, you’ve nothing to worry about. Are you serious?”

The two escalated into a heated exchange as they shouted over each other, with Bongino declaring “I’m sick of copouts” and telling Hahn, “you don’t know squat!”

Ingraham eventually regained control of the segment and continued the discussion.

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