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Libs question why Trump, NRA wont call to start arming journalists. Fun facts come flying at them.

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In the rush to politicize the tragic shooting at the Capital Gazette office in Maryland, liberals again displayed a dizzying ignorance of the U.S. Constitution.

The liberal blue-check brigade on Twitter attempted to zing President Trump and the National Rifle Association hoping to score a few political points with the base.

But facts can be challenging for the left, as actor James Woods pointed out in a tweet in response.


The ridiculous take on the safety of journalists as a group separate from the average American sent heads crashing to desks.

The point liberal journalists tried to make was soon lost as their Constitutionally-literate counterparts weighed in.

Some on Twitter questioned the premise of making arming journalists a collective decision.

And countless others just felt the responsibility to school the liberals.

Frieda Powers


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