Chelsea Handler gets schooled for shameful, ‘ignorant analogy’ on state of the country

Will unfunny liberal comedians in this country who need the practice ever stick to their craft?

Because six million murdered Jews is similar to illegal immigrants children being separated from their parents, alleged comedian Chelsea Handler took to Twitter to make the inevitable “Holocaust” comparison.

“If anyone thinks comparing what’s happening in our country to the Holocaust or to the handmaids tale is ‘ridiculous,’ you’re not paying attention,” Handler tweeted.

Handler was responding to a tweet from MSNBC contributor Scott Dworkin on the arrest Thursday of women on the left protesting in Washington. With liberals being bolder in owning their open border agenda, the activists were reportedly chanting, “Abolish ICE.”

As we now know, social media isn’t too kind to liberal zealots who put their fingers to work before their brain, as seen with Chandler’s inane analysis.

Here’s a small sampling of the beat down she received, justifiably so, from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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