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Airbnb’s new communications director triggers left-wing mob over photo message about border kids

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Airbnb’s new director of global communications, Kim Kingsley, unintentionally triggered a mob of left-wing social justice warriors Friday evening by posting what some claim to be a “tone-deaf” picture to her Instagram account.

The photo depicted Kingsley and her fellow Airbnb staffers dancing on a pier in San Francisco. Seems innocent enough, right?

Except that she captioned the photo with this: “. . . that night i fell in love with new colleagues while children 2,000 miles away were being detained in cages. #whatyoudomatters #speakup #cantignorethis.”

Uh oh …

(Screengrab Kim Kingsley Instagram Post)

The backlash on social media has been so severe that Kingsley was forced to make her Instagram account private.

Here’s a taste of it below:

But not every leftist social justice warrior responded with anger and exasperation. Some defended Kingsley, arguing that she ought to be allowed to continue living her everyday life.

“Just wanted to quickly express my support, I just tweeted the post ripping them for such a pathetic, tone-deaf article, you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong,” wrote one leftist.

Where was this attitude when leftists attacked House Speaker Paul Ryan last week for celebrating Father’s Day? And where was it when the left’s mob of social justice warriors likewise harangued President Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. for doing the same thing!?

Apparently the “live and let live” rule only applies when dealing with leftists like Kingsley, who made it clear in statements to Page Six that she’s passionate about the child separation scam.

“Even as we experience moments with family and friends, we cannot forget these children and my hashtags make that very clear. What you do matters. Speak up. We can’t ignore this. Look at anything I’ve shared over the last few weeks and you will know my feelings on this issue,” she said.

She and other leftists are upset over a since-discontinued Trump policy requiring illegal immigrant children to be detained separately from their criminal alien parents. Though the policy began with the Obama administration, and though Trump was the one who reversed it, thanks to hysteria from the mainstream media many liberals now genuinely think the president is operating veritable concentration camps for illegal immigrant children.

The president has faced near-endless criticism and backlash for doing the same thing as Obama, and wouldn’t you know it, Kingsley now knows what it feels like to be the victim of media-driven hysteria and irrationality. Welcome to the club!

Vivek Saxena


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