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‘Mr. President, F**k You!’ Woman ID’d as congressional intern screams at Trump in Capitol

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If President Donald Trump has accomplished nothing else in his short time in office, he has succeeded in exposing just how fanatical and unhinged the opposition are in their “resistance” to his presidency.

With the media-generated crisis on illegal immigrant children being separated from  their parents at a boiling point, President Trump met with House Republicans in the Capitol on Tuesday to urge them to pass an immigration bill and as his entourage arrived, someone on the other side of the Capitol rotunda yelled out: “Mr. President, F*ck you!!”

Making matters worse, the person hurling the vulgar profanity was identified by Fox News reporter Chad Pergram as either “a congressional aide or intern” — we can only assume they work for a Democrat.

CNN news editor Kyle Feldscher further reported than it was an intern, although he did not identify who the woman worked for.

Fittingly, the anti-Trump zealot blew her opportunity to make a total ass of herself, as she let the expletive fly too early. As NBC reporter Frank Thorp noted, President Trump entered the area about 15 seconds later.

“Doesn’t seem like he could’ve heard it,” tweeted Bloomberg News reporter Jennifer Jacobs — insert your own opinion on whether there was a sense of disappointment in the offering.

Given his history of almost militant opposition to Trump’s presidency, there was more than one reference to CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta — made in jest, of course.


Here’s a sampling of other reactions from Twitter:



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