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Kathy Griffin’s classless vulgar ‘F*** you’ attack on Melania Trump: ‘Feckless complicit piece of sh** …’

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Melania Trump’s statement on the separation of families at the border prompted Kathy Griffin to unleash a despicable attack against the first lady.

The issue of separating children from parents at the U.S. border who illegally attempt to enter the country has become a contentious point of debate recently and Trump’s remarks about balancing law and “heart” set off the disgraced comedian who slammed the first lady as a “feckless complicit piece of sh**” on Twitter.

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WARNING: Explicit Language:

Trump indicated Sunday she is hoping for immigration reform and said she “hates to see” families being separated at the border.

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Trump’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, released the statement to CNN’s Kate Bennett on Sunday.

The Trump administration came under fire following disturbing photos of ‘migrant’ children locked in “cages” that were circulated and blamed on President Trump’s “zero tolerance” enforcement of the border policy. The fact that the photos were actually taken under former President Obama’s administration seemed to make no difference to liberals who are all about bashing Trump.

Senior White House counselor Kellyanne Conway slammed the media for fanning the hysteria and even comparing the conditions to Nazi concentration camps. Far different from the images of cages being portrayed, facilities where illegal alien children separated from their parents are being held are a stark contrast.

Democratic Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar admitted in an interview with CNN that Obama covered up the child migrant crisis during his two-term presidency.

“It was kept very quiet under the Obama Administration. There were large numbers of people coming in. The Obama administration was trying to keep this quiet,” he said.

Even former first lady Laura Bush, wife of former President George W. Bush, weighed in, calling the policy “cruel” and “immoral” in an op-ed article for the Washington Post.

Department of Homeland Security officials fired back at CNN allegations that it “ripped’” a breastfeeding baby from its mother in a denial on Friday.

“We do not separate babies from adults,” a DHS official told reporters. “It’s a bright line.”

But the truth doesn’t fit the liberal narrative, or make waves like Griffin’s brutal attack on the first lady.

Franklin Graham, among others, called out Griffin for her “vulgar” rant.

Twitter users also slammed the so-called comedian.

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