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Comey’s latest post triggers concerns he’s preparing an insanity defense, and a presidential run in 2020

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An odd photo that disgraced former FBI Director James Comey posted to Twitter on Saturday triggered concerns that he might be planning a presidential run in 2020.

The photo depicted Comey standing in the middle of a cornfield field in Iowa, a state that tends to attract a lot of presidential contenders because it holds the first contest of the presidential primary season.

“So good to see new growth in Iowa and across the country,” Comey wrote as a caption.


Besides being a “whiny schoolgirl,” the man is also apparently a horrible dresser …

Check out some of social media’s reaction below:

Maybe he’s just running from the law?

The photo Comey tweeted from Iowa over the weekend was actually his second one. He had tweeted his first Iowa photo a day earlier.


Oh look, Comey’s also a wannabe comedian …

So is he planning a run for the presidency or what? Most likely not. As noted by CNN contributor Susan Hennessey in a tweet Saturday, the former FBI director’s in-laws live in Iowa, ergo why he vacations there from time to time:

This same sort of speculation broke out last year when Comey vacationed in Iowa following his termination by President Donald Trump:

During an interview two months ago on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Comey made it clear that he has no intention of running for the presidency.

“Never!” he pithily replied when asked by host Savannah Guthrie about a potential run.

“Yeah, never — I want to say it again so my wife heard it twice,” he added seconds later.


Excellent. America thanks you, sir, for your refusal to run (PHEW!).

Just one question remains, though: What does standing in the middle of an Iowa cornfield and praising the state’s “new growth” have to with vacationing and/or visiting in-laws!?

Sane people don’t act like this. Of course, who ever said Comey is sane, right? He does live in a fantasy world, after all.

Speaking of which, check out Hollywood actor James Woods’ hilarious response to the tweet Comey posted Saturday:

James Woods for the win!

Vivek Saxena


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