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Real Journalism: CNN’s Van Jones asks Kim Kardashian the one question on literally nobody’s mind

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CNN host Van Jones, an eminently reputable journalist if ever one existed, partook in some grade A reporting this week by sitting down with socialite Kim Kardashian West to ask her whether she intends to run for president one day.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the same journalist who once begged Oprah Winfrey to save America from President Donald Trump thought it worthwhile to question Kardashian — a former sex tape star — about her political aspirations.

Brilliant stuff, really …


“Now once you get the law degree, people are going to say, ‘Would you ever run for office?'” Jones asked, referencing her reported interest in one day obtaining a law degree.

“Oh, I don’t think that’s even on my mind,” Kardashian replied.

“Trump’s president. It could happen,” he retorted.

“I know. That’s why Kanye loves him,” she replied, referencing her Trump-supporting husband, free-thinking rapper Kanye West. “It’s the idea that anything can happen. … I guess never say never.”

But do feel free to exclaim, “Oh please, dear God, no!”

The reaction on social media to Jones’ line of questioning was fairly scathing, with most Twitter users mocking both the acclaimed journalist and his employer, CNN, for making a mockery of journalism.


What’s odd is that some of CNN’s critics seemed surprised at the network’s willingness to pander for ratings. The network literally panders for ratings every single day of the year.

Just this past week CNN’s “journalists” first accused the White House of using a photo of President Donald Trump sitting at the G7 summit as “clever visual messaging.”

Then CNN’s “journalists” issued a reportedly fraudulent allegation that border authorities had forcibly separated a breastfeeding baby from her illegal immigrant mother.

And then CNN’s “journalists” literally yelled at White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for doing her job and defending the Trump administration’s policies.

It’s probably not an overstatement to say that CNN would do almost anything on Earth to boost its ailing ratings. The one thing it won’t do, ironically enough, is report the actual news. That apparently is too much to ask of CNN.

Vivek Saxena


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