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Trump flat-out trolls the ‘resistance’ with stinging video of Hillary and Obama. And boy, did it work

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President Donald Trump had to be enjoying himself when he shared a video online marking his first 500 days in office — which could be used to launch his re-election campaign.

Either way, the video that trolls the left’s “resistance” campaign mocks both Hillary Clinton and the opposition’s messiah, former President Barack Obama, recounting the doom and gloom these Democrats predicted if Trump was elected. Amid a rosy economic picture, the president kindly reminds them that this doom and gloom has failed to materialize.


Clinton is seen warning the country that Trump’s policies will send America into a great recession, and a befuddled Obama marvels at how Trump could possible bring back jobs he claimed aren’t coming back.

This negativity is juxtaposed with a series of reports of today’s stellar economy.

And while President Trump’s Twitter feed is a proverbial wasteland of Democratic hate, the reaction to his video was epic — as in an epic tantrum thrown by spoiled brats.



In a single tweet, social media user Jack Posobiec offered Democrats an explanation of how the economy works.

“These people who never ran a business had no clue how the economy works. This is what happens when you elect a CEO-in-Chief,” he tweeted.


But the best explanation was captured not in words, but a single photo:

Tom Tillison


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