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Gay candidate desperate to ‘pi** off’ Trump kisses partner in RIDICULOUS campaign ad

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A Maryland Democrat running for governor has launched a first-of-its-kind campaign ad with a questionable strategy.

Richard Madeleno revealed the “number one way” to “piss off Donald Trump and the Republicans” in the first political television campaign ad that featured a same-sex kiss.

The ad which aired Thursday morning during “Fox and Friends,” featured the Democratic candidate in Maryland’s gubernatorial race announcing he would “stand up” to Trump as governor just as he has in the state senate.

“I’m running for governor to deliver progressive results and to stand up to Donald Trump. Here are a few of the things that I’ve done that already infuriate him,” Madaleno said in the 30-second spot.

Madaleno touted how he “protected Planned Parenthood from Republicans in Congress” and co-sponsored a bill in Maryland banning assault weapons in the state.

“Take that NRA,” a boy holding a “Stop Gun Violence Now” sign chimed in

“And what’s the number one way I piss off Donald Trump and the Republicans?” Madaleno asked.

Sitting beside two teenagers, the Democratic candidate planted a kiss on his husband Mark Hodge’s lips.

“Take that, Trump,” Madaleno proclaimed.

Coinciding with LGBT pride month, the campaign ad is set to air across the state of Maryland. No telling how well thought out Madaleno’s strategy is but the ad already garnered plenty of attention.

“This is the problem with politicians. Maybe rather than talking about all the ways you’re going to stick it to the other side; you could talk about what actual legislation you’re going to pass to better the state,” an angry YouTube user spelled it out for the Democrat. “What? Just like every other politician you’re just gonna continue to maintain the status quo? Oh what a surprise. And another tip, maybe don’t take advantage of small children making them say things they don’t understand. It’s not very classy.”

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