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Here’s a taste of why reporter Tommy Robinson is in UK jail. Pay close attention

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News of independent journalist Tommy Robinson’s arrest is rocking the political world despite the media’s attempt to hide it.

Robinson has become a fierce critic of European countries that have accepted vast numbers of unvetted migrants from war-torn Middle Eastern and African countries. In the following video Robinson praises the people of Italy for taking a stand against their government and urges his fellow European countrymen to do the same. It tells you everything you need to know about Robinson … and why the British government wants to silence him.

Robinson was arrested and sentenced to 13 months in prison without a trial for reporting on a British court case involving an alleged Muslim migrant ‘grooming gang’ that preys on vulnerable children. The British government ordered the media not to report on the case.

As BPR reported, Robinson’s shocking arrest caught the attention of Donald Trump Jr. who called it a giant wake up call.

Protests spilled into the streets demanding Robinson be freed:

But there are plenty of useful idiots supporting the suppression of free speech to gloat over the arrest of Robinson:

Despite the liberal vitriol, news of Robinson’s plight is spreading quickly as is support for him and his release:


The media ban has since been lifted (likely due to backlash) and Robinson was reported to have pled guilty to contempt of court and breach of a suspended sentence.

British authorities argue that Robinson was jeopardizing the case by disclosing inside information. Robinsons’ lawyer said his client was not aware that he was doing anything wrong at the time.

‘He was mindful, having spoken to others and taken advice, not to say things that he thought would actually prejudice these proceedings. He did not try to cause difficulties for the court process,’ Defense attorney Matthew Harding said according to the Daily Mail.

Robinson’s 13-month sentence remains.


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