Dubbed ‘Paris Spiderman,’ guy climbs up building to rescue dangling toddler – his life changes in a flash

A video of a very brave man scaling a Paris building to rescue a young boy dangling from a balcony is taking the internet by storm.

In the breathtaking footage, the hero can be seen climbing four stories in a matter of seconds Saturday to reach the four-year-old, The Guardian reported.

Identified as Mamoudou Gassama, an immigrant from Mali, the hero was dubbed “Spider-man of Paris.”

With onlookers calling out, Gassama, 22, climbed balcony by balcony to reach the child and pull him to safety. After he began his ascent, a neighbor appeared on an adjoining balcony and tried to pull the boy in without success.

Mamoudou Gassama, Screengrab

“I saw all these people shouting, and cars sounding their horns. I climbed up like that and, thank God, I saved the child,” Gassama told The Guardian.

“I felt afraid when I saved the child … [when] we went into the living room, I started to shake, I could hardly stand up, I had to sit down,” he added.

The child’s parents were not at home at the time of the incident, The Guardian noted, adding that the father is facing charges for leaving the boy unattended.

(Photo credit THIBAULT CAMUS/AFP/Getty Images)

Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, praised him on Twitter for his “act of bravery,” and told him that “his heroic act is an example to all citizens.”

But that wasn’t the half of it.

(Photo credit THIBAULT CAMUS/AFP/Getty Images)

Turns out, Gassama is an illegal immigrant, according to Newsweek, but that status is about to change because French President Emmanuel Macron, who met with the hero Monday, is granting Gassama full French citizen — he was also offered a job as a Paris firefighter.

As for the hero tag, the sentiment was shared by social media users, as seen below:


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