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CNN’s April Ryan under heavy fire for tweeting conspiracy about Trump running child-trafficking ring

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CNN contributor April Ryan was the target of heavy backlash after she shared a conspiracy theory suggesting President Trump is running a child-trafficking ring.

The White House press corps member who infamously questioned the authenticity of Sarah Sanders’ pie-making skills, and asked straight-faced during a press briefing if Trump had considered stepping down, tweeted a link to an article from The Root about the administration.

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Ryan did not add any additional comment with her original tweet to her 336,000 Twitter followers.

She was instantly admonished as the criticism rolled in, including from the spokeswoman for first lady Melania Trump, whom Ryan recently described as “not culturally American.

Many others slammed Ryan, who is also the White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks.

The article which was published Friday was intended to attack Trump on conspiracy theories by launching one by the author, Jason Johnson.

“Now it turns out that the Trump administration may have an equally implausible conspiracy on its hands: Is the administration involved in child sex trafficking or just white nationalism? Follow me down the rabbit hole and see for yourself,” Johnson wrote.

Ryan fired back at the critics, and Fox News, in a tweet on Sunday.

“Now, of course, none of this means that Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump are part of some vast conspiracy to sell minority children to the highest bidder like some scene out of Taken 4: Bad Hombres. This could all just be a series of unfortunate policies and events. It could just be white nationalism at work, destroying black and brown families seeking a better life, and demonstrating a careless disregard for nonwhite children,” Johnson wrote in his article.

Liberals and Democrats were on a roll in the last days smearing Trump for what were actually policies under former President Obama. Zac Petkanas, Democrat official and Hillary Clinton adviser, accused Trump of selling children to human traffickers.

Prosobiec also shut down Ryan’s tweet by linking to a 2016 article by The Washington Post.

Not everyone blasted Ryan, however, as CNN’s Oliver Darcy came to her defense, calling the article a “thought experiment.”

Darcy quickly had to come to his own defense as well.

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