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Did LeBron James snub man in MAGA hat? Viral video sparks hot debate

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It’s no secret that NBA star LeBron James harbors no love for Donald Trump, and a recent incident with a fan seemed to confirm for many that he hasn’t had a change of heart.

James was court side during game 3 against the Boston Celtics and was about to throw a towel when there was pause. Many who’ve seen the viral clip claim James purposely avoided tossing the coveted souvenir to a man wearing a pro-Trump Make America Great Again hat. At least, that’s what they wanted to believe. Take a look for yourself:

Of course, Trump haters cheered the moment as a genius move by the baller and the ignorance about Trump supporters and vitriol came out in spades:

You can almost smell the indoctrination.

Not so fast! Not everyone was buying what the Trump haters were selling, and saw the video from a different perspective:

Non-inflammatory tweets definitely don’t get as much recognition, but the video made for an interesting social experiment, and sparked some political predictions:

Gone are the days of the silent majority.


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