New York mag profiles Sean Hannity and his unique relationship with Trump

The reason Fox News host Sean Hannity and President Donald Trump maintain such a close, personal relationship is because they share so much in common — to the point that one magazine could argue they’re doppelgängers.

Both men golf, both men are night owls, both men are reportedly currently low-carb dieting and both are super famous, according to a preview of  New York magazine’s profile of Hannity set to be published on Monday.

“One reason they click is because of being celebrities,” John Gomez, a lifelong friend of the Fox News host, said to the magazine. “In broadcasting, you live and die by the ratings. I think they have that in common, and they’re competitors, you know? They’re competitive.”

They’re practically blood brothers, save for the fact that one happens to be the president of the United States, while the other is a top-rated cable news commentator.

Both men also share an unquenchable passion for the United States of America and its future.

“Sean Hannity understands the basic issues of economic nationalism and ‘America First’ foreign policy at a deeper level than the august staff of Jonathan Chait and the f–kin’ clowns at New York magazine,” one White House official bluntly said.

That’s because, just like the president, he recognizes that there’s nothing innately wrong with prioritizing one’s own country over the world. It’s only natural.

(Screenshot of Sean Hannity’s “mini-monologue”)

The two likewise know what it means to be their own man.

As a true maverick, Trump runs his administration how he sees fit, even if that means posting tweets to the Internet at six in the morning. Hannity similarly answers to nobody when he fires off on Twitter.

“If he wants to defend the president’s lawyer every night without telling anyone the president’s lawyer is also his lawyer, he can do it. And if he wants to broadcast from inside his own house, a few feet away from a golden retriever and a White Russian, he can do that, too,” New York magazine noted.

Given all that the two share, it’s no wonder then that they speak at least once every night, if not two to three times per day.

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Hannity is in fact among a select few notable individuals — including Trump’s immediate family, media mogul Rupert Murdoch and Patriots owner Robert Kraft — who are always connected to the president’s personal phone line anytime they dial the White House switchboard.

He’s special in that regard, though it’s not only because of everything they share. It’s also because of the function the Fox News host serves in the president’s hectic life.

An unnamed individual who knows both men explained to New York magazine that because Trump doesn’t live with his wife, Melania, at the moment, he doesn’t have someone with whom “to decompress” after the end of a long day.

Enter down-to-earth Sean Hannity, who isn’t just the president’s effective doppelgänger, but who’s essentially his best friend as well.

The profile is an interesting read, whether you are a fan or not. Look for the full article on Monday evening.

Vivek Saxena


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