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‘Stunning, historic’: Media, libs eat humble pie as accolades roll in for President Trump on Korean peace

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In the wake of historic reports that North and South Korea have agreed to ‘”complete denuclearization,” many on the left are finding it hard to give credit where credit is due: to President Donald Trump.

In its ridiculous acrobatics to avoid acknowledging the president’s role in the groundbreaking meeting between the two Korean nations, CNN offered up an amazing headline.

The president’s son, Donald Trump Jr. noted the network’s hot take with a tweet that ignited collective laughter on Twitter.

Trump Jr.’s zing was echoed by many who thanked CNN for their “daily laugh.”

Some even noted how the network could not make up its own mind, seeming to contradict itself with another story, more closer to the truth.

The deluge is unavoidable as the accolades pour in for President Trump and his influence in the historic meeting between North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

The mainstream media seem undeterred in efforts to spin the narrative to avoid giving Trump the credit despite so many voices declaring the obvious.

While many would admit it is hard to recall what former President Obama did to earn the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 shortly after taking office, a clear swell of voices is already declaring Trump has earned the honor.

If CNN won’t re-consider its anti-Trump rhetoric as many of the president’s critics already have, at least it will be a source of constant entertainment to the rest of us.

Frieda Powers


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