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Oh, the excitement …Kourtney Kardashian barrels on to Capitol Hill to advise Congress

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Kourtney Kardashian advised Congress on Tuesday and that may be all that needs to be said about both Congress and American society today.

The reality star, whose rise to fame centers around nude photos and leaked tapes of various members of the family engaged in sex, appeared on Capitol Hill to speak in support of a bill to set standards in regulating personal care products.

“Kourtney Kardashian says that as a mom it’s important for her to know what’s in the personal care products she uses,” NBC Washington’s Jennifer Vasquez tweeted. “She’s calling for new legislation that will give cosmetic companies a guideline of how much of a certain chemical they can use.”

“She’s meeting with lawmakers to update an 80 year old FDA law to help make beauty products safer,” Vasquez added in a second tweet.

TMZ captured Kardashian posing for a selfie with a fan as she made her way to the hearing room.

Kardashian, whose sister Kylie Jenner has her own cosmetics line, joined forces with Environmental Working Group President Ken Cook to push for the bill.

The reality TV star was mobbed by Capital Hill staffers, as seen in the photo below.

(Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images)

Corbin Hiar, a reporter at E&E News, responded to a tweet Monday from Kardashian noting the launch this week of a new cosmetic product.

“Now I understand why @kourtneykardash is on the Hill today: She’s launching her own cosmetics line,” he tweeted.

People Magazine reported that an attendee live tweeted that Kardashian refused to disclose the ingredients used in her sister’s Kylie Cosmetics products — which she helped develop.

But Hiar tweeted that Kardashian said Kylie Cosmetics products avoid using toxic chemicals… as she conveniently noted there’s a new product coming out Tuesday.

Here’s a sampling of reactions online to Kardashian’s efforts, which may or may not give you reason to be worried about this country.



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