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Starbucks launches inquiry over hidden camera in bathroom

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Gabrielle Okun, DCNF

Starbucks launched an inquiry over a hidden camera placed under a bathroom baby changing station.

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Atlanta police began a search after a 25-year-old woman found a camera in a bathroom on April 17, according to the New York Post. The woman found the camera hidden under a baby changing station, took it down, and then told the Starbucks manager, Newsweek reported. The manager resorted to calling 911 to notify authorities. The camera allegedly had about an hour’s worth of footage. The camera had 25 stored videos, some with people using the restroom, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC).

“We were quite concerned to learn this and are grateful to our customers and partners who took action to involve local authorities,” a spokesperson for Starbucks told AJC in an email.

Howard Miller, an Atlanta police officer, said the videos showed a few men using a urinal from the back and a few women sitting down on the toilet. However, there were no videos of children, he told Fox 5.

This startling find comes after a Philadelphia Starbucks was accused of racism when two black men were arrested after not buying any products. Starbucks is now closing 8,000 stores for one afternoon to undergo racial bias training on May 29, the AJC added.

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