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Confusing billboards blanket city: ‘I’m still trying to understand ‘white privilege.’ WTH is ‘white fragility’?’

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Social justice warriors in Portland, Oregon, are plastering the city with 25 billboards calling out white residents for their “white fragility.”

The “PDX Billboard Project” is a campaign to “confront and disrupt the rampant complacency in this city regarding issues of white supremacy and racial inequity,” ABC News reported.

Various messages are displayed, along with images of slain black youths, according to ABC News.

Messages such as “Portland… is your WHITE FRAGILITY showing?,” “Who is allowed the presumption of innocence?” and “Black Lives Matter.”

“We aim to create a public demand for change to the inequitable structure of our society, through stimulating and challenging visual campaigns.” the PDX Billboard Project website states.

The goal is to “demand public attention for the unjust nature of the deaths” of two local black men “at the hands of law enforcement and white supremacists.”

The billboards state that they are paid for by Equity In Action, an LLC registered by Kalissa Scopes, according to the Oregon Secretary Of State business registry.

The Equity In Action website suggests Scopes, seen below in her Facebook profile photo, is a white guilt-ridden social justice warrior extraordinaire.

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And while there’s no doubt whatsoever that progressive disciples of critical race theory fully believe much of the nonsense they peddle, social media users aren’t as easily convinced.

One user summed up those sentiments very succinctly:

“I love liberal tactics. They push this bullshit idea of “white privilege” and if you argue against it using facts and logic, then you’re showing your “white fragility.” Basically, if you listen to them, the only correct response is to shut up and accept their nonsense as fact,” the tweet read.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:



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