Alan Dershowitz rips into ‘revenge-driven’ James Comey’s ‘gossipy make-money-quick’ scheme

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz ripped into “revenge-driven” James Comey as someone who should never have been appointed to head the FBI.

The civil liberties lawyer spoke with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson ahead of the release of Comey’s new book, blaming the former FBI director for Americans’ increased distrust in law enforcement.

“It should have been done much much earlier,” Dershowitz, the author of “Trumped Up,” said about President Trump firing Comey last May. “It should have been done the day of the inauguration, and it should have reflected itself in the fact that nobody should ever have appointed him to be head of the FBI.”

“This is a man who is revenge-driven, who was prepared to leak through a law professor at Columbia, who was prepared to disclose confidential conversations he had with the president-elect and the president of the United States. He’s exactly the wrong person to have headed the most important law enforcement agency in the United States,” Dershowitz said.

“This sends a horrible message to FBI agents and law enforcement people about leaking and about confidences and about trying to keep emotion out of law enforcement and politics out of law enforcement,” he added.

Dershowitz, who supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, slammed Comey as a man who is still upset that she was defeated by Trump.

“To me the worst part of it is when he both compares Trump to a mob boss, which proves my point of ‘Trumped Up’ that you can create crimes out of almost anything and call a mob boss somebody whose running the presidency of the United States,” the professor emeritus said. “And the fact that he’s willing to say on television that it’s possible that the president was with prostitutes in a hotel room with you know urination and all that. He’s the head of the FBI, he knows the truth, he has seen all the secrets.”

He criticized Comey for “speculating on that kind of nonsense and rubbish,” and dismissed the book as a “gossipy revenge, make-money-quick” scheme.

“You know, I used to have a good feeling about Comey, I met him a few times when he was in Boston, I now have only, only very strong negative feelings about him,” Dershowitz concluded. “Nobody today would trust Comey with secrets or confidences.”

Frieda Powers


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