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Scarborough says Trump’s ‘schizophrenic’ Middle East strategy can be traced to one thing

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DCNFNick Givas, DCNF

Joe Scarborough called President Donald Trump’s handling of the Middle East “schizophrenic,” on “Morning Joe” Monday and accused him of doing exactly what former President Barack Obama did in 2011.

Scarborough admitted Obama abandoned the region and led to the rise of the Islamic State, but then accused Trump of repeating the same mistakes.

“We go into Iraq in 2003 in an unjustifiable war. We stay there,” Scarborough said. “We stay the course. We finally bring some semblance of order to the region by 2008, 2009. We then abandon it in 2011. We allow the rise of ISIS in 2012, 2013. We belatedly start going in there, crush ISIS.”

“Now we have another United States president that once again, in a schizophrenic move — now that we have created a successful and a sustainable model to actually keep peace in that region, we now have a president, a commander in chief, that says to the generals, good job but I’m going to do just what Barack Obama did in 2011,” he said.

Trump’s strategy in the Middle East is tied to his ego and has nothing to do with military tactics or intelligence, Scarborough said.

“We’re bringing everybody home because it feels good to me. It feels good to Donald Trump to say I’m going to bring the troops home,” Scarborough concluded. “And yet chaos is loosened upon the world.”

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