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Lester Holt confronts Loretta Lynch on Clinton email ‘matter,’ then a whopping ask about Comey

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Lester Holt confronted Loretta Lynch about former FBI Director James Comey’s claim that she asked him to refer to the Clinton email investigation as a “matter.”

The former attorney general essentially threw Comey under the bus when she was asked about the decision in an NBC “Nightly News” interview with Holt airing Monday.

Comey testified last year that Lynch had directed the former FBI chief to refer to the Clinton email probe as a “matter, not an investigation.”

“He said it made him feel — I’m paraphrasing — that it made him feel strange,” Holt asked Lynch in a video preview of the episode. “What did you mean when you called it a matter instead of an investigation?”

“I heard about that testimony,” Lynch said. “And my first response was…what is the issue here? I remember specifically talking with him, as we talked about sensitive things on a number of occasions.”

“And this was a very sensitive investigation everyone knew,” she went on.  “And the issue when he and I sat down at that time, which I think was early in the fall of 2015, was whether or not we were ready as a department to confirm an investigation going on. When we typically do not confirm or deny investigations into anything, with rare exceptions.”

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Holt pressed the question, but Lynch only seemed to disparage Comey’s Congressional testimony.

“To the extent though that he noted it, that it bothered him,” Holt said, “did he go to you and question your credibility with regard to the Clinton case?”

“We had a full and open discussion about it,” Lynch replied. “And concerns were not raised.”

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino slammed both Lynch and Comey for possibly obstructing justice, telling the “Fox & Friends” crew that he would be “listening for every word out of her mouth” in the upcoming interview.

“I’m going to be listening for every word out of her mouth because Loretta Lynch should be talking to a lawyer and so should Jim Comey,” Bongino said Monday. “They shouldn’t be talking to the American public about book sales and interviews.”

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