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YouTube shooter hated company for censorship; dad says he warned cops of possible vendetta

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The YouTube shooting suspect has been identified as Nasim Aghdam, a California woman who was furious at the company for “censoring” her videos so she could no longer make money from them. Nasim was a refugee born in Iran.

Nasim’s father, Ismail Aghdam, told multiple press outlets that he had warned police before her April 3 shooting rampage that she “hated” YouTube and might go to its headquarters, but authorities did nothing. “[YouTube] stopped everything and now she has no income,” Ismail Aghdam told NBC News.


Ismail Aghdam reported his daughter as missing on April 2 and told authorities of her psychotic hatred for YouTube. Nasim’s brother also told police his sister could be dangerous and may lash out. Authorities ignored both men’s warnings.

Police located her Tuesday morning in a parking lot in Mountain View, California, questioned her, and then let her go. Hours later, Aghdam shot and wounded three people at YouTube headquarters before killing herself.

In the months preceding her shooting rampage, Nasim Aghdam had ranted on Instagram and Facebook that YouTube was “discriminating” against her by censoring her videos.


“[YouTube] tries to censor and suppress people who speak the truth,” she claimed in one post. Her Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages have all since been pulled.

In another post, Aghdam wrote: “Dictatorship exists in all countries but with different tactics! They only care for personal short term profits and do anything to reach their goals.”

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Aghdam’s website showed several screenshots of her YouTube user account page, which she claims was filtered and censored. “My Revenue for 300,000 Views Is $0.10?????” she asked in one screenshot.

It’s unclear why YouTube allegedly censored Aghdam’s videos, since most of her videos were exercise tips, odd “music” mashups featuring her dancing, and her advocating for veganism.

Moreover, YouTube has long allowed ISIS recruiters to post videos celebrating radical Islamic terrorist attacks. Conservatives have also accused YouTube of censoring their videos in a bid to silence conservative viewpoints.

Interestingly, mainstream media outlets like CNN immediately floated a crackpot theory that Nasim Aghdam’s rampage stemmed from a “love triangle,” even though the liberal network didn’t provide any evidence to back up those claims. It now appears that the “love triangle” theory was wrong.

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CNN critics say the anti-Trump network desperately wanted to push the “love triangle” narrative so it could dismiss the shooting as a “domestic dispute” and resume its nonstop coverage of porn star Stormy Daniels and Robert Mueller’s fruitless Russia investigation.

While liberals immediately blamed the NRA for the shooting, no mass shooter in U.S. history has ever been a member of the NRA.


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