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Ann Coulter: The left is unknowingly creating a ‘ferocious’ new generation of ‘right-wingers’

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The left is essentially undermining themselves according to conservative commentator Ann Coulter who sees a “hilarious and ferocious generation” of young, right-wing college students rising up.

The author and columnist spoke with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Tuesday about young people and the future of the First Amendment as they understand it. Carlson cited a new Gallup survey which found that 53 percent of college students said protecting free speech is not as important to them as having a diverse and inclusive society.

Coulter warned that we “are looking at the death” of fundamental freedoms like those found in the First and Second Amendments due to a new type of immigrant.

“What is striking is this is, of course, another problem of immigration. Hispanics and Asians, overwhelmingly, whether it’s the Pew Research Center, all kinds of surveys done over the years, show that white and black Americans overwhelmingly support both free speech and gun rights and you have almost the reverse percentages with recent immigrants,” she noted.

“We are looking at the death of America’s fundamental freedoms,” Coulter said, calling on students to stop “pretending to be rebels” when they only seem to be doing the bidding of corporate America.

“Please stop pretending you’re fighting the man when you are just lockstep with corporate America,” Coulter said, mockingly.  “These new radicals we have, the resistance, they’ll check with corporate America, Apple and Twitter, Facebook and their professors to ask if they can wear a question authority t-shirt. Would that be okay?”

“Has there ever been a more obedient little cadre of robots than college students?” Carlson laughed. “Is anyone brave? Is anybody giving the finger to the man and speaking the truth? Where are those people? What happened?”

“Well, the good news is, I’m following a lot of them on Twitter,” Coulter responded. “I get the impression that we are creating, I mean, the left is creating without realizing it, this really hilarious and ferocious generation of right-wingers, these college students. They’re listening to white privilege all day, every moment of every day. White heterosexual men are emerging from college barking at the moon right-wingers.”

“They’re a lot of fun to follow on Twitter,” she added.

Many millennials who have truly resisted the indoctrination call the movement of awakening “red pilling.”

Candance Owens, a young rising star who’s becoming a regular on Fox News, often goes by the moniker “Red Pill Black.”

She explains her journey from the political left to right below:

Frieda Powers


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