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15 percent of Congressman’s salary garnished annually due to $1 million delinquent loan

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DCNFHenry Rodgers, DCNF

Illinois Democratic Rep. Bobby Rush is losing 15 percent of his salary due to repayment of the more than $1 million he owes for making a delinquent loan for a church he started in Chicago.

The announcement comes as Cook County Circuit Judge Alexander White ordered the garnishment of more than $2,100 a month from Rush’s annual $174,000 salary Wednesday, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

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Rush, who has served in congress for 25 years, was ordered to pay back the original $550,000 June 2005 loan that New City Bank granted him and seven other co-signers. Rush bought a church in Englewood, Chicago, with the loan money. The order came after the church stopped making its monthly payments in November 2011, causing creditors to sue the Democratic congressman.

Berton Ring, Rush’s lawyer, reportedly tried to get the judge to lower the garnishment amount to $300 a month, but the judge said laws required 15 percent of Rush’s paycheck be returned.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to Rush’s office about the ruling but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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