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Peter Thiel thinks Trump will win 2020, but only ‘if’ he runs again

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DCNFEric Lieberman, DCNF

Peter Thiel, an influential billionaire venture capitalist and supporter of President Donald Trump, says the fellow businessman will certainly win re-election in 2020.

But Thiel added that will only occur “if he runs again,” according to multiple reports.

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Speaking at a the Economic Club of New York on Thursday, Thiel said that advocating, voting for, and donating to Trump during the 2016 presidential elections season was actually very normal for him personally — even if it was likely in contrast to many other bigwigs in Silicon Valley.

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“I thought that supporting Trump was one of the least contrarian things I’ve ever done […],” Thiel told journalist Maria Bartiromo, who was moderating the fireside chat. “Obviously there are all sorts of things that are somewhat disappointing — and at the same time, I don’t know how much one can expect.”

“Perhaps the single thing I saw in President Trump and that I still think is terrific is his willingness to challenge some of the … politically correct orthodoxies in our country,” he continued.

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Perhaps most notably, Thiel’s apparent belief that Trump may not run again flies in the face of reports that the president is in the process of organizing his 2020 campaign team.

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