The View flips out over ‘vital information’ that Sarah Sanders let slip out, calls her ‘amateur liar’

The View turned on the spin machine over Sarah Sanders press conference on Wednesday, when she supposedly let “slip out” information about the seedy Stormy Daniels fiasco.

“Stormy Daniels, the saga continues,” Whoopi Goldberg led in. “White House press secretary Sarah Sanders may have let some vital information slip when she was asked about it. Take a look.” [Rolls video.]

“Look, the president has addressed these directly and made very well clear that none of these allegations are true. This case has already been won in arbitration and anything beyond that I would refer you to the president’s outside counsel,” Sanders says in the clip.

“Arbitration?” Whoopi said. “So she’s kind of just confirmed that there was an arbitration over the nondisclosure agreement, which would mean this is the first time that the White House is admitting that an NDA even exists and it directly involves Stormy Daniels and you-know-who. He used the alias David Dennison. That’s how I’m going to refer to him now,” she continued.

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“Oh, yes, yes!” a co-host said to applause.

“So, is this going to change anything? Do people care? Where are we?” Whoopi asked.

“I think — at least we could impeach David Dennison. Let’s go after him,” Joy Behar said.

“It’s been reported that Trump was very, very upset with Sarah Sanders for basically confirming the fact that an arbitration happened and that this NDA does exist,” Sunny Hostin added. “I think people are starting to care more about this because Stormy Daniels has become somewhat of a character, somewhat of a personality. I think people are following the story and, let’s face it, if she got the $130,000 and she’s allowed to talk, does that mean that illegal campaign finance laws are going to be brought into this, was this an illegal transaction.”

“And he was involved in hush money,” Behar added.

“And that he was involved in it,” Hostin said.

“Can I just say one thing about her?” Behar said. “That girl is an amateur liar. Her boss is a professional. You know, she can’t —”

“She’s not a good liar is what you’re saying,” Whoopi said.

“She’s not good enough of a liar. Like out of the mouths of babes comes the truth, you know,” Behar said. “It was almost like painful to watch that.”

The conversation degrades from there, including even Meghan McCain jumping in to criticize Sanders, even implying that she should be replaced. It’s worth the watch.

As for the arbitration with Stormy Daniels, it was reported that the Trump team won the NDA dispute.

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