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CNN’s Jake Tapper was pretty proud of his smug comment … until James Woods hit him with a buzzsaw

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How long will liberals continue their “state-run TV mantra” before they realize it isn’t working?

CNN anchor Jake Tapper on Tuesday took indirect aim at Fox News and other right-leaning outlets, insinuating they’re doing their jobs improperly if the president favors their work.

“If you’re a news organization and the folks in power are constantly praising you, you’re doing it wrong,” Tapper wrote. “By definition.”

Tapper’s remark echoed the sentiment of other left-wing commentators, who have accused Fox News of biased coverage favorable to the Republican president. CNN’s Don Lemon last week called Fox News “state-run TV.”

Responding to Tapper, actor James Woods delivered a scathing rebuke of the mainstream media’s coverage of former President Barack Obama.

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“Your head was so far up Obama’s ass, you got whiplash every time he stopped short,” Woods fired back, closing with the hashtag “#StopTalking.”

Tapper replied to another Twitter user who brought up Obama.

Others offered similar criticism of Tapper and CNN.

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James Woods’ followers responded with more colorful mocking of the CNN anchor.

President Trump has praised Fox News’ and frequently shares reporting from the network on Twitter.



On Monday, Eric Trump called CNN “totally irrelevant” upon tweeting out a ratings report that showed Fox has more top 20 news programs than CNN.

If anyone is “doing it wrong,” it’s CNN.


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