O.J. Simpson ‘confesses’ to having a murder accomplice in creepy ‘If I Did It’ tell-all

Did O.J. Simpson admit to enlisting a friend’s help to commit murder?

Sources told TMZ that an upcoming Fox News special on OJ Simpson will feature never-before-seen footage from 2006 in which the former NFL running back hypothetically said a friend assisted him in the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

(Ethan Miller via AP, Pool, File).

The program, set to air Sunday, March 11, will include an unseen interview by book publisher Judith Regan in which Simpson allegedly “confessed’ to the infamous crime, for which he was acquitted in court.

In 2006, Regan’s book imprint was set to publish Simpson’s “If I Did It,” in which he described how he would have gone about killing his ex-wife and her friend, Ron Goldman, if he were guilty.

The Fox News interview coincided with the book. According to TMZ, Simpson inadvertently confessed to the murders during the interview.

In this Oct. 3, 1995 file photo, O.J. Simpson, center, reacts as he is found not guilty of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. (Myung J. Chun/Daily News via AP, Pool, File).

At one point, the NFL star’s hypothetical description of events allegedly went from the third to the first person, until it nearly sounded like a direct admission to the crime.

Simpson also reportedly told Regan that a friend accompanied him to Brown’s home on the night of the murder, originally with the plan to “scare the s*** out of her.” The celebrity brought along a knife, black gloves, and a hat for “dramatic effect.”

O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, left, and her friend Ron Goldman.(AP Photo/File).

In Simpson’s version of events, he was observing Brown through the window, and she looked like she was waiting for a man to show up. When Goldman arrived to bring her a pair of sunglasses her mother had left behind at the restaurant where he worked as a waiter, Simpson ran up and began screaming in rage.

Simpson said he then blacked out and later awoke to find himself covered in blood.

(Jason Bean/The Reno Gazette-Journal via AP, Pool, File).

Although he was acquitted of the murders, he was found liable for Brown and Goldman’s deaths in a 1997 civil suit. Simpson later served a nine-year sentence for armed robbery and was released in 2017.

The special airs on Sunday, March 11.

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