Bronx DA office accused of filling work hours with fights, sex, booze, and even shopping!

And these are the folks tasked with prosecuting crime!

A suspended Bronx District Attorney crime analyst dating a NYPD detective filed a $15 million notice of claim alleging scandalous behavior taking place in the office, the New York Post reported.

According to Crime Analyst Crystal Rivera, prosecutors are engaged in a hotbed of misconduct as they neglect their work — she claimed days are filled with shopping, boozing and sex.

Bronx D.A. Darcel Clark (Photo by Albin Lohr-Jones/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Rivera accused Democrat Bronx DA Darcel Clark opened a baseless investigation of her boyfriend to “publicly vilify” the officer and cover up her office’s “incompetence and unethical practices.”

More from the newspaper:

Rivera’s wide-ranging allegations were made in a filing with the city Comptroller’s Office that’s required before suing the city.

The papers say Clark and several top aides illegally retaliated against Rivera on Friday by slapping her with administrative charges — including insubordination — based on her “personal relationship” with Terrell.


Rivera, whose boyfriend, Det. David Terrell, was branded a “monster” cop after being accused of misconduct — he was cleared of the charges — held a news conference outside the DA’s office and detailed indiscretions she said she has witnessed since being hired in 2007.

“People are having sex in the office,” she alleged.

“We used to have parties … where [assistant district attorneys] will have sexual relationships with officers and prosecutors,” Rivera added. “We’ve had incidents where ADAs are having sex with each other and they’re married, so husbands find out about their affair and they come to the office and expose [it].”

“We had a brawl, basically a full-out fight in front of the office,” she said.

Rivera also said prosecutors stored alcohol in their offices and drank at their desks.

“They would drink this on the job and still be on call in the courtroom,” she claimed.

And to think the public depends on this office to administer justice. Of course these are just allegations… for now.

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