Illegal immigrant teen who demanded government-paid abortion backtracks, suggests she was pressured

Another abortion case involving an illegal immigrant minor has taken an unexpected turn.

The young woman in federal custody submitted a statement saying that, contrary to the urging of her guardians, she no longer wants to receive an abortion, Fox News reports.

Court documents filed this week by the Department of Justice showed the minor’s guardians, attorneys Rochelle Garza and Myles Garza, provided her with documents to seek an abortion on Feb. 6.

The Garzas have previously represented other underage illegal immigrants attempting to receive abortions.

The handwritten statement by the young woman in this case said she no longer wanted to be represented by the Texas-based couple.

A Texas abortion clinic. (Photo: Screen Capture).

“At this time I have changed my decision to have an abortion.”

She continued:

“The people I saw yesterday were lawyers that made me sign, I … do not need their help because I do not want to have an abortion.”

The woman, referred to as Jane Doe to protect her identity, was in the custody of the Health and Human Service’s Office of Refugee Resettlement after being apprehended.

E. Barrett Prettyman courthouse in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Screen Capture).

United States District Judge Rolando Olvera granted the petition to replace the Garzas as the minor’s guardians.

The Garzas were involved in a November case that is slated to be heard by the Supreme Court in a closed-door conference on Friday.

In that case, the Garzas and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) also represented a minor who sought an abortion. The Justice Department complained to the Supreme Court that the lawyers deceived DOJ attorneys by scheduling an abortion late at night just before the high court was set to hold a review.

A picture of the Texas state Capitol Building. (Photo: Screen Capture).

Although the abortion already occurred, the Justice Department does not want the case to establish a legal precedent.

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