Whoopi confesses on CNN: ‘I can’t’ say President Trump’s name

Whoopi Goldberg appears to be the latest celebrity to be struck by Post-Trump Stress Disorder.

The View co-host appeared on CNN with former Obama hatchetman David Axelrod and spilled the beans about her inability to even pronounce President Trump’s name.


“There was a lot of fear,” Whoopi said. “There is fear anyone in power abuses it. It’s scary for the person being abused. And that’s why for me until women said I’ll stand with you, I’ll stand next to you, and we will scream together so that you don’t feel like you are out there alone, nothing was going to change. And until you made it dangerous to do. We still have so much to do right now. I mean, we still have 16 women who are accusing the man in charge.”

“You are talking about the president?” Axelrod asked.

“Yeah,” Whoopi replied.

“You never say his name?” he pressed.

“I don’t,” she answered.

“Why?” he asked.

“I can’t.”

“It’s only one syllable,” he said.

“I know. I know.”

“Do you think that it somehow honors him to use his name?” Axelrod asked.

“In conjunction with that word, yeah,” she responded.

“You mean president,” he clarified.


“I see.”

There you have it: While many on the right were lambasted for years as “racists” for even daring to disagree with former President Obama on policy, we have liberal celebrities outright saying they have so much contempt for Donald Trump they can’t even call him “president.”

Who are the closed-minded ones, again?

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Kyle Becker


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