Katie Tur provoked wrath of Middle America with her snarky ‘crumbs’ tweets on Trump tax cuts

MSNBC host Katie Tur may have won the “not a good look” award, amidst fierce competition, by appearing to double down on Nancy Pelosi’s ill-conceived “crumbs” comment in regards to the Republican tax cuts.

Witness the arrogance:

While hard-working Americans are grateful to receive $50 to $100 or more of their own money back every paycheck, uber-rich liberals are scoffing at simpletons who believe such trifling sums could ever matter.

Thanks for that unnecessary “fact check.” The man didn’t claim it would pay for his entire family in perpetuity.

We appreciate that “breaking news” that homes and college are expensive. One would think that would make every dollar count just that much more.

But not to liberals like Katie. No, they think money grows on trees and all the government fairy godmother needs to do is wave a magic wand and that will make all the country’s expenses disappear.

Tur got absolutely lit up on social media:





As for Katie Tur herself, it appears she is worth roughly $8 million and commands a salary of about $1 million a year.


Now, she would be an authority on the issue of how much money in people’s paychecks matter.

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Kyle Becker


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