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Hillary admits she’s overwhelmed ‘at least a dozen times a day’ during Trump presidency

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Apparently Hillary’s in worse shape than we all thought.

The former Secretary of State took aim at President Trump at a women’s rights event on Monday, telling the audience she finds the current administration overwhelming.

“I intend to keep fighting to pursue his agenda and remain on the front lines of democracy,” the Washington Post quoted Clinton as saying.

The two-time presidential candidate was presenting awards named in her honor to a group of female activists at a ceremony organized by Georgetown University’s Institute for Women, Peace and Security.

Clinton went on to assert that it’s “easy” to become overwhelmed by news of President Trump.


“I get overwhelmed at least a dozen times a day,” she said.

The Democrat urged the audience to remain involved in women’s issues, which she called the “unfinished business of the 21st century.”

“It is hard to continue to speak out and stand up against what you think of as obvious wrongs,” Clinton told students. “But do not grow weary. Don’t get discouraged.”

Was Clinton experiencing a Freudian slip? The former presidential contender has been physically “overwhelmed” in public before.

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