Don Jr. on FISA memo: What about this doesn’t reek of a Banana Republic?

Donald Trump Jr. joined Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Monday night to discuss the recently released Nunes memo.

And yes, he went there. Trump Jr. did indeed compare the goings-on in the United States to a “Banana Republic.”

Not the clothing store, mind you, but an actual “Banana Republic” where an opposition political party could easily utilize the machinations of power to bring down an elected official they don’t like based on zero evidence and hyped up charges.

Sadly, it’s hard to argue with his logic:

“Americans should be a little big scared about what is going on right now,” said Trump Jr. “You don’t think of this happening in the United States. You don’t think of this happening in a country where we have a foundation of laws and principles grounded in the Constitution. This to me seems like a clear violation of that. The court that no one knows about haphazardly granting full surveillance of American citizens, in this case the duly elected future President of the United States, based on shady information paid for by the opposition party candidate in that presidential race. I mean, this is crazy stuff.”

After nothing that the current FISA law allowing this was supported by Republicans too, Carlson asked Trump Jr. how the system could be fixed.

“I don’t know,” Trump Jr. responded before pointing out a complicit media willing to “go to battle” for one side and call anything they say “the gospel.”

“That’s where it gets scary.”

“Open it all up,” said Trump Jr.

“Let’s see the FISA court transcripts. Let’s see everything that went into this. I think once all of that comes out, not just the rebuttal they had weeks to say, this is how we will counter it, but let’s see those court transcripts. I want to know what that judge saw when they re-authorized it. All this stuff was based on Carter Page and re-authorized after he was not even a part of the campaign anymore. What is their basis for the on-going investigation?”

Trump Jr. later responded to a question about Carter Page by comparing the fact that political enemies have used this “low level person” to construct this grand conspiracy in an effort to take the president down.

Just like they would in a “Banana Republic.”

“The reality of the situation is we had an investigation going on for over two years where there is zero evidence. We haven’t seen any investigations into all of the shade, all of the stuff that has gone on with our opponent that were actual, real things that happened that she was involved in,” said Trump Jr. “There is not even an investigation. But you can take a fringe person on a campaign, utilize that to get all of these FISA warrants to spy on someone who becomes the president of the United States. To continue to do so based on evidence paid for by their political opponent given and weaponized by the sitting administration at the time.

“I mean, what about this? What about this doesn’t reek of a Banana Republic?”

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