President Trump to call for a “New American Moment” at tonight’s State of the Union

State of the Union address excerpts have been released to the public ahead of President Trump’s first State of the Union Address.

The theme of his SOTU speech will be a “New American Moment,” according to an advance look at the address.

(Jim Lo Scalzo – Pool/Getty Images)

“This is our new American moment,” the presidential speech reads. “There has never been a better time to start living the American dream.”

Tonight I am extending an open hand to work with members of both parties, Democrats and Republicans, to protect our citizens, of every background, color, and creed,” the speech continues.

The president is expected to highlight his administration’s gains in the first year of his term, including the GOP tax cuts and the progress made against defeating the terrorist group ISIS.

“The coalition to defeat ISIS has liberated almost 100 percent of the territory once held by these killers in Iraq and Syria,” the speech says. “But there is much more work to be done. We will continue our fight until ISIS is defeated.”

The president also took a veiled shot at former president Obama, as The Hill reported.

“Past experience has taught us that complacency and concessions only invite aggression and provocation I will not repeat the mistakes of the past administrations that got us into this dangerous position,” Trump’s speech reads.

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