Oh, Lorde: Award-winning singer refuses to perform at Grammys… because she can’t do it solo

Lorde, the recording artist nominated for Album of the Year, has refused to perform at this year’s Grammy Awards.

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The Gen Y pop star won’t be doing her cohort any favors to dispel the perception of entitled youth, only compounded by the fact that she’s a multi-millionaire music star who is only 21 years old (all South Park conspiracy theories aside).

She was offered a part in the awards show singing a tribute to the late Tom Petty, “American Girl.” Admittedly, not the best song choice on the part of the Grammy producers, given the obvious fact that she’s not American, she’s from New Zealand.

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The plot thickens in that four other singers were offered solo performances at the 60th annual Grammy Awards, all males. (Cue ominous music…) via Cleveland.com:

No doubt the #MeToo movement and gender inequality will be topics touched up on at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards (How could they not be?).

In that case, things have gotten off to a rocky start hours before the ceremony takes place in New York City and airs on CBS.

Variety reports that Lorde, one of this year’s five nominated artists for Album of Year, was not offered an opportunity to perform solo at this year’s ceremony. The other four male nominees – Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Bruno Mars and Childish Gambino – were offered solo spotlights.

One male artist did turn down a solo act: Jay-Z. The rapper himself must have been busy doing interviews trashing President Trump and comparing him to “super bug” garden insects. Trump, for his part, blasted Jay-Z:


But never mind Trump, he’s just a president, and not a Lorde.

The Grammys’ refusal to give Lorde a solo performance is already being chalked up to gender inequality and is even being tied to the #MeToo movement.

However, there were some with a retort for the sexism narrative.

The Grammy Awards are looked at as completely disconnected from the values of most Americans; sideshow distractions about singers who refuse to be catered to, especially those who dub themselves “Lorde,” are certainly not going to help.

Correction: An earlier version of this publication stated that Lorde was British. She’s from New Zealand. 

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