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Sean Hannity’s Twitter Account Disappears

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Not too long after the conclusion of Sean Hannity’s Friday night show, in which he took a particularly strong stance on the corruption rampant within the FBI and the Department of Justice, the popular Fox News host’s Twitter account literally disappeared into the ether.

But not before posting a very unusual tweet early Saturday morning:


For several hours, anyone who tried to search Hannity’s account was met with the blue Twitter screen of death and a hearty “Sorry, that page does not exist.”

And the disappearance caused quite the stir among Twitter users, with “Sean Hannity’s Twitter” trending number two for a time.


Twitter eventually “found” the account, but it took a while to get his numbers back to where they should have been.

The account was back up with a full follower count on Saturday morning, but rumors abound as to why it had been deactivated. An accident? A prankster or disgruntled employee at Fox News? The rabid SJWs at Twitter? The Deep State?

A similar thing happened to President Trump on November 2 when a departing employee managed to deactivate the account for 11 minutes.

It also happened to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in December.


The popular host got lots of support during his Twitter “down” time:



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Scott Morefield


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