Next time a Democrat complains about Fox News, show them this chart showing CNN’s more polarizing

President Trump certainly has his beef with CNN, but Democrats and liberals LOVE to complain about Fox News. And if you’re unfortunate enough to know any firsthand, they’ll likely complain to you about it at some point. Heck, former President Obama is still making a career of it.

Granted, compared to the endless stream of leftism coming out of the other networks, one can hardly blame liberals for comparing Fox News’ “fair and balanced” platform that purposefully includes several conservative voices in the mix (while not entirely leaving out libs – hellooo Shep!) to Attila the Hun.

But which network do ordinary Americans consider the most “polarizing?”

Morning Consult Brand Intelligence just might have the answer, and leftists may be more than a little surprised.

From Morning Consult’s methodology summary:

The inaugural edition of Morning Consult’s Most Polarizing Brands is based on 336,370 surveys conducted across the United States to rank which companies, organizations or brand names are most divisive between Republicans and Democrats. The data come from Morning Consult Brand Intelligence.

The top 30 brands — drawn from at least 1,900 — were determined using surveys conducted online from Oct. 3, 2017 to Jan. 2, 2018 among a national sample of U.S. adults.

To establish the Most Polarizing Brands, respondents were asked to indicate whether they had a favorable or unfavorable view of each brand. The final ranking reflects which brands had the biggest difference in their net favorability score — favorable ratings subtracted by unfavorable ratings — between Democrats and Republicans.

And the results are…

Fox News tied with NBC, both a full 12 points behind CNN for most polarizing brand.

So next time a liberal friend wants to complain about Fox News, you can show them just how “polarizing” their own “Fake News” network really is.

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Scott Morefield


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