Margaret Thatcher statue proposal to honor the Iron Lady’s memory again hits a wall

Bureaucrats always find a snag to hit when it comes to honoring conservative icons.

A second attempt at putting up a statue of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher outside parliament was rejected just six months after the original plan was shot down, The Sun reports.

“We would welcome future proposals for a more appropriate statue of Baroness Thatcher, depicting her as prime minister, rather than the current design,” Westminster planning committee chairman Richard Beddoe said.

Beddoe alluded to the revised design’s depiction of Thatcher in the robes of the House of Lords. Thatcher was made a baroness by Queen Elizabeth in 1992.

Typically, statutes aren’t erected outside Parliament for at least a decade after the public figure’s death. Thatcher died in 2013 after suffering a stroke. But Beddoe denied that time was a factor.

Margaret Thatcher in 1980. (AP Photo/Gerald Penny, File).

“The lack of family support and the committee’s concerns around the design of the proposed statue were the key determining factors in turning down this application,” he maintained.

Beddoe continued:

“As our country’s first female Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher is a hugely significant figure in British history and in principle the council is in favour of a statue commemorating her in Parliament Square, but it must be the right statue, with an appropriate design and the support of her family.”

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Thatcher with US President Ronald Reagan. (AP Photo/File).

There were also concerns that the 10-ft tall bronze statue of Britain’s renowned conservative Prime Minister would be vandalized.

In 2002, a sculpture of Thatcher in London’s Guildhall Art Gallery was decapitated by a man with a metal pole.

The statue on Parliament Square, designed by sculptor Douglas Jennings, would appear beside representations of Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela, and be built on a climb-proof plinth to deter vandalism.

The Public Memorials Appeal commissioned the work after Thatcher’s death.

Britain’s longest-serving prime minister during the 20th Century is widely respected among conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic, but has been disparaged by liberals.

Thatcher in 2009, four years before her death. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis, File).

Thatcher’s death was celebrated by many on the left. Former British Green Party leader Caroline Lucas said at the conservative’s passing that deceased prime minister “did little for women either inside or outside the House of Commons.”

Some union activists greeted Thatcher’s death with “good riddance.” Many street parties broke out around Britain, with participants reveling in the conservative’s passing. At one event, Thatcher’s detractors held a fake funeral, where they burned her in effigy.

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