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‘Shocking’ and ‘alarming’ FISA memo may be the final nail in the coffin for Mueller’s investigation

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The Mueller investigation is on the clock. The pressure is mounting for the Special Counsel’s investigation to produce substantive, credible evidence of collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign with the aim of rigging the U.S. election or ‘wrap it up.’

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

The Russia probe has thus far produced nothing but an underwhelming smattering of violations for false and inconsistent statements from key witnesses – hardly the big fish the Mueller team’s backers were hoping to fry. Now, the sand is dribbling out of the hourglass to the final remaining grains.

One revelation threatens to smash the hourglass onto the ground. A FISA document that is being described as “worse than Watergate” has made its way into the hands of Republican Senators, who are saying that its “shocking” and “alarming” findings paint a picture of abuse by the Obama administration.

Particularly pointed is the allegation that President Obama allowed abuse of FBI and intelligence assets to engage in improper surveillance of the Trump campaign; additionally, there is the belief that the discredited Steele dossier played a role, since it is reportedly mentioned within the FISA memo.

The revelation has led to an outcry of “Release the Memo” among Republicans and conservatives, while the mainstream media seem intent on making sure the Top Secret document remains that way, running stories that Russian bots are behind the American people’s interest in transparency.

As reported by Fox News, there are four pages in particular within the FISA memo that reportedly describe Obama administration abuse.


“Another big story brewing on Capitol Hill,” reported Fox News host Martha MacCallum. “The ‘shocking’ and ‘alarming’ memo detailing government surveillance is sending shockwaves through Washington. Republicans say it reveals proof of the political bias of the FBI and Department of Justice under President Obama. There are growing calls tonight for Congress to declassify this. It’s all over Twitter. They want them to make these findings public so everybody at home can take a look at them.”

“Some Republicans tonight are calling it worse than Watergate,” reported Ed Henry. “Another congressman compared it to KGB activity in the old Soviet Union. That’s ironic because this investigation started out as a probe whether there was Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. It’s morphed into allegations inside the Obama Administration instead.”

“More than 115 House Republicans saw a 4-page memo laying out evidence of the FISA abuse,” Henry continued. “Congressman Perry wondered if this happened in America or in the Soviet Union. These lawmakers say they can’t spell out what is in the memo because it include classified info. Pressure building for that memo to be made public. ‘Release the Memo’ on social media.”

As investigative journalist Sara Carter reported, her sources told her “they would not be surprised if it leads to the end of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation into President Trump and his associates.”

There must be something especially troubling in this FISA document for there to be such controversy about it on both sides. It may indeed be time for the Senate GOP and President Trump to “release the memo.”

Kyle Becker


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