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Cory Booker seems to think illegal immigrants are Americans, too. They’re not

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New Jersey Senator Cory “tears of rage” Booker got a little ahead of himself on Wednesday during an appearance on CNN’s “The Lead” with Jake Tapper when he referred to illegal immigrants brought to this country by their parents as “Americans.”

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Sure, we all know the ultimate goal of Democrats is to eventually make every non-citizen residing in the United States, starting with the DREAMers (low hanging fruit, you see…), naturalized Americans. They want the votes, and unfortunately enough beltway Republicans seem to be willing to go along with the scheme because THEY want the cheap labor.

The problem for Booker and other open-borders types, of course, is President Trump and immigration hawks like Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, who (hopefully) aren’t about to let them slip a bad deal through without major concessions, as Jake Tapper seemed to acknowledge…

“Aren’t you going to have to give up a lot in order to get help for the DREAMers, because your party doesn’t control anything?” asked Tapper.

In response, Booker ‘reluctantly’ referred to the infamous “Gang of Amnesty” offer put forward by Sens. Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, and a few Democrats that essentially offers lip service to border security and gives up the whole farm in return.

“It [the current deal] would get over 70 votes, because 80 percent of Americans agree that these people, who are American citizens in every way but a piece of paper-these folks who fought for us in the military, who are our first responders, who are our teachers, who have been part of our community since our earliest years, they deserve better than this,” said Booker.

Americans? Really?

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“And so I say right now there’s been a deal on the table,” continued the New Jersey Senator, who insists he doesn’t “like it,” but doesn’t seem all that upset about the prospect of it passing.

“I don’t like it, but it would pass. There’s been a president who forced this crisis. As we move forward, I am saying right now, I at least as one individual senator, I will not leave these Americans behind.”

Now if that’s not a red flag on this phony bill, I don’t know what is.

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