Stephen Colbert trumps the president with remark America is the real ‘sh*thole’ country

On his Thursday night show, “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert decided to make President Trump’s alleged comments about Haiti, El Salvador, and some African nations the butt of his joke, but ended up slamming his own country instead.

Because apparently, having Donald Trump as our president automatically makes the United States a “sh*thole,” or something.

“All week long, Trump has tried desperately to convince us that he’s a stable leader,” Colbert said. “It was a nice act but like many men his age, he can only keep it up for so long. Today, he returned to the same unstable and reactionary president we’ve all come to know and know.”

Referring to Trump’s alleged description of poorly run countries from which people are desperate to escape, Colbert said, “Sir, they’re not sh*thole countries. For one, Donald Trump isn’t their president.”

So sh*tholey, in fact, that the entire world wants to come here, for some reason or another. It’s the paradox of all paradoxes.

In typical leftist fashion, Colbert also directly called the president a “racist” for commenting that, after a meeting with the prime minister of Norway, the United States could use more Norwegians.

“You know what I’m saying, Norwegian people. You catch my drift, people with blonde hair who need a lot of sunscreen,” Colbert said, impersonating Trump. “You get what I’m saying, I’m saying I’m a racist.”

Colbert’s remark drew plenty of reaction on Twitter:

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Scott Morefield


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