Tucker almost lost it when CNN’s Chris Cuomo called himself a ‘journalist’

“Just a journalist, indeed!”

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson roasted Chris Cuomo in a segment mocking the CNN anchor’s claim that he is a journalist, sarcastically offering up that Cuomo is “so much more than that,”

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cuomo described Carlson and others at Fox News as “pundits, not journalists, and that’s what they do.” On Thursday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the Fox News host returned the favor to the “poet laureate of the cable news network.”

“What began as gentle mocking quickly became admiration and then something like love,” Carlson sarcastically recalled the past year’s top Cuomo moments.

“Yes, we initially wrote him off as a semi- illiterate buffoon,” Carlson said. “But then we came to see the deeper truth. Chris Cuomo is an artist, a seer, a soul sherpa leading his people from the screeching chaos of this world into the blissful clarity of the next.”

But, Carlson explained, “disturbing news” has surfaced in which it seems Cuomo is “claiming to be something else entirely.”

Citing the Hollywood Reporter interview, Carlson said Cuomo described himself  “not as the eastern mystic we imagined…but merely a journalist.”

“That’s right, a fact man,” Carlson continued. “A shoe leather reporter. Someone who doesn’t let his opinion get in the way of the news”

“Well imagine our horror, our sadness, our bewilderment,” Carlson said mockingly. “Just a journalist? We knew him as so much more.”

What followed was a hilarious montage of Cuomo video clips.

“Just a journalist, indeed!” Carlson concluded. “You are so much more than that, Chris. With abs like that, don’t sell yourself short.”

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