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Fined for not leaving your garage door open? HOA regulation under fire for being every bit as dumb as you’d think

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When a homeowner’s association makes California’s liberal, meddling state and local governments seem libertarian by comparison, there’s probably a serious problem.

Residents of the Auburn Greens subdivision are up in arms about a new homeowner’s association requirement mandating that garage doors remain open – that’s right, open – Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m, according to KTXL.

The penalty for non-compliance? $200.

FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

“I might as well clear everything out and leave the garage door open permanently because there is no point to having a garage door then,” Shally Ia told Fox5, adding that the new rule was likely added after a family was caught allowing an individual to reside in their garage.

Talk about one bad actor ruining it for everybody!

“All I am asking is a reasonable way of going around this,” said Ia. “If you want to do a monthly, bi-monthly inspection of my garage. I have nothing to hide. If I have something stored in there and you don’t like it, I’ll remove it.”

Jason, a 9-year-old who lives in Auburn Greens with his family, is rightly concerned about leaving his “stuff” available for anyone to take. After all, it IS California.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea because they are going to steal my bike,” said Jason. “I’ve got an electric scooter, an electric wheelchair. I’ve got all kinds of stuff. I just don’t think it`s very good to have it open.”

Residents bristled at the regulation. Some “followed” it by leaving their doors partially open and some even refused to follow it altogether.

The rebellion was apparently enough for the HOA to change the policy, at least for now.

If only enough California residents would be as passionate about the absurd taxes, regulations, and governmental overreach from their state and local governments!

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