Donna Brazile scorches Bannon with hellacious one-liner that will light all of his shirts on fire

Right now, Steve Bannon is everybody’s punching bag.

Former DNC chair Donna Brazile took a shot at the former Breitbart chairman, who stepped down from his role at the Trump-friendly news outlet on Tuesday after making disparaging comments about the president and his family.

“Steve Bannon and I,” Brazile tweeted, “We both ended up pissing off a lot of people. But I’ll say this for myself—at least I did it with my own book.”

(Photo by Kamil Krzaczynski/Getty Images).

That’s hot enough to set Steve Bannon’s shirts on fire.

Some of them, at least.

Brazile followed it up with a tweet in which she said Democrats who incur President Trump’s ire earn “bragging rights.”

“Viscously”? Did Trump spray you with a squirt gun, Donna?

Since the publication of Bannon’s quotes to Michael Wolff’s tell-all book “Fire and Fury,” the president and several Trump allies have excoriated the former White House strategist.

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Despite taking a swipe at President Trump, Steve Bannon isn’t getting any applause from the left. And conservatives are dropping him. For the moment, Bannon is on his own.


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