Chelsea Manning’s 3-word anti-cop slam on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day proves you can’t buy class

Chelsea Manning is still around? Thanks, Obama!

The transgender Army soldier who was convicted for leaking classified information took to Twitter on Tuesday to disparage police on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

“F**k the police,” Manning wrote. She also included the hashtag “#DisarmThePolice.”

(Photo by Andy Kropa/Invision/AP).

The leaker, whose original 35-year sentence was commuted to seven by President Obama, didn’t relent when confronted by other Twitter users.

In a follow-up tweet, Manning claimed the US is under “domestic occupation” and shared statistics about police demographics.

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She also accused police of killing with “absolute impunity” and of stealing private property.

Some of the former soldier’s followers encouraged her controversial tweets.

Many more users blasted Manning’s characterization of police officers.

Manning’s release from prison last year was met with criticism by President Trump.

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The president is always able to capture what Americans are thinking: we would all be better off if Chelsea Manning was still locked away where nobody can hear her.

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Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel is a South Florida-based writer covering politics, society, and culture.
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