Now you can ‘swipe right’ while you’re at work and your boss is all for it

A new app is introducing an interactive feature found in the dating app Tinder to the world of professional networking.

A team of former Tinder executives have launched an app called Ripple that uses the same swipe right/swipe left feature used in the dating app to connect people, the New York Post reported.

SG Ripple

The technology allows Tinder users to swipe right to “like” a member, and swipe left to “pass” on them. If that member also swiped right on you, then you are able to make contact with them.

Speaking at a Las Vegas news conference on Monday, Chief Executive Ryan Ogle said the feature is now being applied to “social discovery,” according to The Post.

“In the early days at Tinder, one of the things we talked about [was] that the whole discovery of new people was a big problem,” Ogle explained. “Before Tinder was a very specific dating app, we talked about it not being dating at all. We talked about it being social discovery.”

Ripple uses big, colorful profile photos, with professional information like job history, skills, education and mutual connections accessible via icons below the image.

The goal is to allow users to make business connections, although there’s a measure in place to help counter “pursuer/pursuee” problems amid today’s sexual harassment in the workplace.

User have what is called a “double opt-in” option to approve each connection request.

SG Ripple

Another option being billed as a replacement to exchanging business cards is raising a few eyebrows. It includes a “face scan” that allows a user to aim their smartphone at a person’s face, take a photo and attempt to find that individual on Ripple.

An impressive feature in the best of all worlds that may bring to mind creepy ideas of high-tech stalking in the real world.

Tom Tillison


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